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How To Paint Your Motorcycle At Home Two DVD Set

Image of How To Paint Your Motorcycle At Home Two DVD Set


Fritz takes you every step of the way to a top quality show worthy professional custom paint job. You will see everything from making paint stands, body work, gold leafing, pinstriping, and custom paint tricks. Two DVDs with 3 1/2 hours of "can't live without" information and technique. This DVD set doesn't gloss over the process like others might. Fritz talks to you like your one of the guys hanging around the garage, and shows you how to get a big money look for low bucks and basic tools. We are proud to say that these DVDs are for the average every day guy working at home in his spare time.

2 Disk Set 4 hours long

Disk 1
1-Getting Started
2- Priming and Guide Coat
3- Fixing Guide Coat Imperfections
4- Spraying Base Coat
5- Taping Out Graphics
6- Fogs & Blends

Disk 2
7- Artwork & Airbrush
8- Spraying Candy Colors
9- Quick Lesson in Gold Leafing
10- Making a Pounce Pattern
11-Wet Sanding Clear
12- Pinstriping and Outlining
12- Final Clear and Polishing

Click on the link below for a sneak preview