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How To Build A Fiberglass Body At Home Two DVD Set

Image of How To Build A Fiberglass Body At Home Two DVD Set


Fritz takes you step by step as he builds his own creation from nothing and you can too. No expensive tools or big fancy shop, just Fritz in his two car garage at home. Learn how to make your own one of kind professional quality show car body. There wont be another one anywhere like it. Fritz starts with a handbuilt chassis made from junk parts and box steel. He uses a motor & parts from the junkyard. Then you will see it all come together from a plaster buck, laying down fiberglass, attaching the body to the frame, even making a ring for the bubble, Fritz's signature feature taken from the days when show cars were "show" cars. You will be amazed what you can do. With a few simple ingredients you can create a masterpiece. As always Fritz shows how anyone can do this, at home, with a lot of hard work, and with this DVD a lot of know how.

2 Disk Set - 4 Hours Long

Disk 1
1-In the Beginning
2-Milk Crates, Wood Planks, & Spit Wads
3- Mixing the Plaster Concoction
4- Plaster, Final Coat & Shaping
5-Fiberglassing & Mold Release
6- Breaking the Body from the Mold
(continues on disk 2)

Disk 2
(continued from disk 1)
6-Breaking the Body from the Mold
7- Body Fit & Mounts
8- Gluing the Steel Mounts to the Body
9- Making a Bubble Ring
10- "Baja Bandeeto" Walk around
11- "Roswell Rod" Walk around

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