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Custom Paint Tips & Tricks

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3 DVD Set - over 7 hours long

Disk 1 Metal Flake
1- Introduction to Metal Flake
2- Mix & Spray Metal Flake
3- Clearing Over Your Flake
4- Wet Sanding the Clear Top Coat
5- Clear Final Top Coat
6- Walk Around the final
Metal Flake Project

Disk 1 Lace Painting
1- Lace Set up masking Out Panels
2- Fogging & Blending Your Panels
3- Cross Blending Color
4- Laying Down the Lace
5- Lace Paint Walk Around
6- Motorcycle Tank Lace Quickie

Disk 2 “Baja Bandeeto”
1- Figuring it out as we go
2- Cleaning Off the Body &
Coming up with Ideas
3- Masking Out the Body
Prep for Graphics
4- Working with Inter Coat Clear &
Candy Concentrate
5- Taping & Painting a
Sunset-Sunburst Design
6- Making Templates and Painting the
“Amoeba” Look
7- Candy Fogging Your Panels
8- An Insignificant Little Jammie Thing

Disk 3 “Baja Bandeeto”
Finger Print Design
1- Finger Print Introduction
2- Starting Your Tape Layout
3- Painting the Tri Candy Paint
Finger Print
4- Unmasking the Finger Print &
Cleaning up the Tape Edges
5- We all make mistakes, don’t freak out.
6- The Area in Question
7- Back Taping and Masking the  Repair Area
8- Finishing the Repair
9- “Baja Bandeeto” Walk Around