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Chop A Model A Top At Home Two DVD Set

Image of Chop A Model A Top At Home Two DVD Set


The most popular custom trick of all time has to be the "Top Chop" And the most popular car to Chop has to be the Model "A" Ford. Work alongside Fritz in his garage as he Chops a 1930 Ford coupe 2 1/4 inches, fills the roof opening with an old Chevy station wagon donor panel, and shows you every step of the way how he did it, all at home, with basic tools. Window garnish moldings, the windshield frame, nothing is left out, every step is covered in this 2 DVD set! Now the third in the series, check online to see more dvds with Frtiz's no nonsence approach.

2 Disk Set - 4 Hours Long

Disk 1
1- Introduction
2- Rear T-Strips & Sunvisor
3- Filling the Roof
4- Measure a Lot, Cut Once
5- Top Fit, Alignment, & Relief Cuts
6- Fitting Door Tops

Disk 2
7- Chopping the Window Garnish trim
8- Chopping the Windshield Frame
9- Chopping the A-Pillar Post Trim
10- Final Walk Around

Click the link below for a sneak peak